Halloween blog posts we love

14 Oct

With Halloween fast approaching, the number of related blog posts is increasing (here’s another!), so we thought we’d pick out some of our favourites.


Credit: mypoppet blog

This little gem was brought to our attention by the lovely ladies over at Bambino Goodies (Thanks ladies!). If you need a relatively easy costume & you’re quite crafty then have a go at making one for your little monster . Fly over to the mypoppet blog post to find out how to make them.


Credit: Red Ted Art

This is the quickest, easiest tasty treat to make for Halloween. Check out Red Ted Art for the simple list of things you need.


Credit: Imagination Tree

If you’re in need of some inspiration on pumpkin decoration, then this blog has a wonderful new take on creating pumpkin masterpieces. Be warned it could get a little messy, but still looks loads of fun. Thanks to Imagination Tree for this little gem. 


Credit: East London Style

There is always room for fashion & this Halloween inspired post from EastLondonStyle covers it off nicely for mums & pets alike! Take a look at Kari’s Halloween fashion post.

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