Planning a party for a 1 year old in 10 easy steps.

24 Feb

How to plan a first birthday partyYour baby’s first birthday is definitely a time to celebrate. At this age, they won’t understand the occasion so there is no need to go over the top, but you can still make it special.

1) Decide on the venue. 
If your having a small gathering then at home wouldn’t be so bad, it’s a familiar place so your baby will feel comfortable & secure.

2) Who to invite.
Your baby will understandably want to be with you at this age & their network will still be small, so an intimate gathering will make them more comfortable & also allow you to give them your undivided attention.

3) Time it to perfection.
Your baby will have their own sleeping pattern by now, so make sure you plan the party around it. The worst time for the excitement of a party is when your baby is wanting to nap, so try to plan round this time. If you are inviting other babies try to gauge their nap times too, this will help minimise tired tears.

4) Send the invites out. 

With a start and end time of the party. An hour at this age is quite enough excitement. That way people know how long they are welcome for. Don’t forget to put a RSVP by date too! With a small intimate gathering you could make or buy some special invitations as you won’t need too many.

5) Decorations.
A few colourful balloons & a happy birthday banner to brighten up the room will most definitely be appreciated.

6) The cake!  
Will you home make or buy one? There are some great ones in the supermarket these days, & don’t forget it needs to be big enough to have a slice in the party bags. Alternatively you could buy a nice one for the candles & then a different one for the party bags. I suppose it depends how much cake you want leaving for you!

7) Party food.
This depends on who you are inviting, if it’s mainly babies then finger foods are great, bread sticks, tiny sandwiches & small cubes of cheese will be fine. If there is a few older children then a few more sandwiches, maybe pizzas, crisps and nibbles will be fine. I personally always make too many and end up eating them for the rest of the week.

8) Party games.
For a first party these dont have to be extravagant. Something simple like pass the parcel, row the boat or peek-a-boo will work just fine.

9) Party bags.
You don’t really need them at this stage, the typical gifts such as toys & sweets are too dangerous. But, you can opt for a small soft toy & a piece of cake if you don’t want to break the tradition!

10) Party outfit.
Make them feel really special with a new little outfit. Maybe a new dress for your little lady or a new shirt for your little man. If you need some inspiration, we can help! We’re the experts in organic children’s clothes.

Have we missed anything you would add? Then leave us a comment.

One Response to “Planning a party for a 1 year old in 10 easy steps.”

  1. Emma @ Mummy Musings February 27, 2012 at 16:59 #

    We haven’t done birthday parties yet although C is convinced she’s having a party this year! If we do decide to have one it’ll be at home, on the garden (weather permitting!) to minimise the mess!

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